Bangladesh government wants proof of enforced disappearance

Bangladesh government wants proof of enforced disappearance
Bangladesh government wants proof of enforced disappearance

The UN Human Rights Council’s Committee on Disappearances (WGEID) has called for an independent and impartial investigation against the RAB into enforced disappearances. The committee also asked the government not to threaten, intimidate and retaliate against family members, civil society and human rights activists of missing persons. However, the Bangladesh government has called for a complaint with information and evidence in this regard.

At the 51st session of the Council in Geneva on Tuesday, Bangladesh said that there is a tendency in some quarters to publicize all the missing people of Bangladesh as missing persons. They are being done to denigrate the government and downplay its positive achievements. These are matters of repentance. It is claimed that Bangladesh has never deviated from the norms of international human rights. Bangladesh is always maintaining contact with WGEID. The government has given them all the information about the disappearance.

According to WGEID’s report in the session, WGEID has repeatedly expressed its interest to visit Bangladesh since March 12, 2013 to investigate the disappearance. The last request was made on April 24, 2020. However, the Bangladesh government has not yet responded to this issue.

It is said from the side of Bangladesh, many of those who complained about the disappearance of WGEID have returned again. From this it is understood that the allegation of disappearance is not proved. The government is committed to tracing all missing persons with the cooperation of next of kin within the legal framework.

According to the government statement, Bangladesh has noticed an alarming trend that some miscreants are using false identities of law enforcement agencies to commit crimes like disappearances. Also, the government adopts a zero tolerance policy regarding any crime, misdemeanor and transgression by the law enforcement agencies.

In the WGEID report, it is said in the Bangladesh section that Bangladesh has provided factual information about the eight persons in connection with the disappearance allegations. WGEID welcomes this. At the same time, Bangladesh authorities have been asked to increase efforts to provide additional information. Along with that, the Bangladesh authorities have been asked to increase their efforts to clarify all the pending issues. In the meeting, concern was expressed over the non-renewal of the registration of the Bangladeshi human rights organization ‘Adhikar’.

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