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People of this country are religious, players are not outside: Ahmadullah 1185488 | The voice of time

People of this country are religious, players are not outside: Ahmadullah 1185488 | The voice of time
People of this country are religious, players are not outside: Ahmadullah 1185488 | The voice of time

Women’s football team has taken Bangladesh to new heights in football. Saaf won the football title for the first time. The whole country is happy with their success. Bandana is going on through social media.


Cheering is going on in the players’ homes, villages and cities.

Footballers of the national team are returning home tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, with the championship trophy. The plane carrying Sabina-Krishna will land at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 1:50 PM. An open-top bus has been prepared to welcome the girls. The champion girls will go around the city in that.

Islamic speaker Ahmadullah gave a long status on social media about women’s clear champions and cheerleaders on Facebook. His status is clearly highlighted for the readers―

“Those who are very happy about the women’s football team winning the title, why are they not so happy about the veiled girl securing first place in the medical entrance exam? However, their goal is the development of women or the open presentation of women in the name of development?

Those who want to establish ‘secularism’ in this country with female footballers, their thinking is as if the women’s football team did not come to play against Nepal, but started fighting against Islam! The reality is that the people of this country are religious. Players are also not out of it.

One of those whom you are ‘using’ to spread Islamophobia has written about trust in Allah and posted it on Facebook. Another asked the mother to pray and fast. Sometimes the whole group falls into prostration. It is clear from this that they are the children of Muslims. They are our sisters. Maybe they don’t have the right idea about Islam. Those who are hilly, they are also part of us.

Moreover, these girls are children of poor families. It is questionable how many of them would have chosen football as a career if they were a little more affluent and socially established. So big world theory like ‘feminism’ is totally irrelevant and unimportant in their life.

Therefore, the cultivation of Islamophobia and hatred of scholars by them will not succeed in this land of devout Muslims. Rather, if a little da’wa work is done among them, each of them can be the cause of guidance for thousands of people, in sha Allah.

But it is true that what is called sport is essentially a culture war. Those who are being used as weapons in the war often do not even know what they are being used for in exchange for a small amount of money. May Allah guide them and those who harbor hatred towards Islam. “

The article is in Bengali


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