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Queen Elizabeth II: From the Oval Cricket Ground to Romania’s guest house, what did Prince William get after the Queen’s death? – prince william inherited the oval cricket ground after queen elizabeth ii demise

The late British Queen Elizabeth II. He is buried in Westminster Abbey, London. According to tradition, the Queen’s eldest son Charles III sits on the British throne. Even after the funeral of the queen, the amount of her property is being discussed. And there, Prince William, the grandson of the Queen and the eldest son of King Charles, is in the headlines. After Dida’s death, he inherited a property worth about 1.2 billion dollars. Which includes the oval cricket ground. Some of the international media claim that Prince William has the most property among the Queen’s grandsons. However, nothing has been reported by the Buckingham Palace in London.

Queen Elizabeth Funeral: Royal bag piper pays last respects to the Queen with ‘Ghum Bhaganani’ flute tune
What property will Prince William inherit after Queen Elizabeth’s death? William took the title of ‘Prince of Wales’ on the Queen’s death. According to US media, Prince William is currently the owner of a guest house in Romania as this title has come to hand. The guest house is located in a secluded area of ​​Jalan Valley surrounded by hills. Prince William also got the ownership of the Oval Cricket Stadium. He inherited the precious jewels on the death of the queen. According to American media, Prince William is the owner of a total property worth 42 billion dollars.

Queen Elizabeth II Death: Cadbury-Kelloggs may lose ‘Raj-Takma’ with Queen’s death
Prince William received the title of ‘Duke of Cambridge’ during the Queen’s lifetime. In addition to ‘Prince of Wales’, he also has the title of ‘Duke of Cornwall’. Cricket fans have shown interest in William’s ownership of the Oval Cricket Stadium. According to the England Cricket Board, Prince William may make some changes to the stadium as the ownership of the Oval has passed. However, the cricket board did not clarify what kind of changes Yuvraj will bring.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: 45,000 sneakers last tribute to the queen? French president in the face of controversy
Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last at Balmoral Palace in Scotland on September 8. From there, the Queen’s coffin was brought to London. The first was taken to Buckingham Palace. The coffin was later kept in Westminster Hall. She was buried next to her husband Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on 19 September. About 500 guests attended the Queen’s funeral. There were the wives of US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to the event. Draupadi Murmu was the President of India.

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