Late at night, the mentor of the reality show called Ujjwaini

Late at night, the mentor of the reality show called Ujjwaini
Late at night, the mentor of the reality show called Ujjwaini

Entertainment Desk: He started his journey at the age of 17. He moved to Mumbai with many dreams. There he participated in a popular reality show from where he became famous. The music artiste’s memories of Mumbai’s glitzy world were not very pleasant. What did Ujjayini say about the offer from the music director mentor?

Popular reality show on Hindi television. It has been going on for many years. At the moment many singers in India have given that reality show. Singer Ujjayini Mukherjee started her singing career with that show. One of the most important names in playback of Bengali movies of the moment. Ujjayini Mukherjee has spent almost 20 years in this industry. However, after all these years, the singer said that he had to face such an experience in the reality show that made him so famous.

Ujjayini moved to Mumbai at the age of 17. However, the memory of the glamorous world was not very pleasant for the musician. He received a bad proposal from a senior, renowned music director. Ujjayini spoke about that experience on a talk show.

According to the artist, ‘The mentor in the reality show was a famous music director. Who heard my song and promised to sing in his film. After that, he called me one day around 12:30 in the midst of traveling to his studio, scratching, preparing songs. Hijiji continued to speak inaudible words in Hindi.

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I was a bit shocked. Without understanding what should be said, I asked him, ‘Why are you talking like this? I don’t do anything like that.’ Then suddenly the music director said ‘Because I Love You’. Hearing this, Ujjaini was very nervous but handled the situation with a strong heart. Said ‘Sir, I Respect You’.

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