A sex scene succeeds after 79 failed attempts

A sex scene succeeds after 79 failed attempts
A sex scene succeeds after 79 failed attempts

Entertainment Desk: The scene was filmed in a movie called ‘Ticket to Paradise’. Reportedly, this is a romantic comedy film. These two Hollywood stars – Julia Roberts and George Clooney had to take 80 times for this kiss scene. In a recent interview given to the New York Times, they said that it took six months to film this scene. Only one sex scene was filmed during these six months. Ion

Clooney said in the interview, ‘Yes, I have shared this with my wife. 80 takes have to be given to film this scene of Chu.MB.N.’ ‘She (Julia Roberts) can too,’ he joked. What can I say?’ Robert explains, 79 takes go through our laughter. Immediately, Clooney said, ‘Finally we got it right.’

This is George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ first film in six years. As shown in the story of the film, they both got divorced a long time ago. They are united so that their daughter does not get married on impulse.

Besides, in the last 20 years, the famous Hollywood star Julia Roberts worked in a romantic comedy-based love film for the first time.

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Julia Robert also gave an explanation why this actress of ‘Pretty Woman’ fame was away from romantic comedy films for so long. He said, ‘People sometimes mistakenly think that I don’t do romantic comedies. Actually I don’t want to do that.’

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