Russell-Zara’s ‘Vaiyare’ hits single screens

Russell-Zara’s ‘Vaiyare’ hits single screens
Russell-Zara’s ‘Vaiyare’ hits single screens

Considering the demand of the audience, the new movie ‘Bhaiare’ was released last Friday (September 2). Although it did not get any Cineplex in the first week, ‘Vaiyare’ is getting response from the audience from the first day on the single screen. The movie is produced by Rakibul Alam Rakib. ‘Bhaiyare’ was released in five theaters amid the frenzy of the audience with the movies ‘Hawa’ and ‘Paran’.

It has Russell Mia as the hero. Who was seen on the streets of Dhaka for a few days, pedaling the driver’s seat with a microphone and movie posters, and promoting the movie in a horse-drawn carriage with the heroine.

Russell Mia said, I can not think. So many people will come to see my picture. We were released in Dhaka on Friday and went to Chitramhal. I will go out to Dhaka today.

He also said that firstly we released the movie in five theaters across the country. Hope to release more than three times in the next week.

Actress Sania Zaman Zara said that the movie ‘Bhaiyare’ is a movie to watch with the whole family. Tried to do something good from our place. The way I got the response on the first day of release. I hope the audience will go to the hall and watch the movie ‘Vhaiare’ with their family.

Elina Shammi, Shabnam Parveen, Peerzada Haroon, Barada Mithu, Shimanda Ahmed, Helena Jahangir etc. also acted in various roles in the movie.

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