Ranveer did everything to make pregnant Alia happy

Ranveer did everything to make pregnant Alia happy
Ranveer did everything to make pregnant Alia happy

Shooting is not busy. No urge to promote. Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are preparing to cook at home. No, not really; Recently, a music streaming platform advertisement showed such a scene. Ranveer is cutting vegetables with his pregnant wife. After that there will be cooking. And sleep after dinner? Alia did not remember this simple routine. ‘Is that our plan for Friday night?’ She threw the question at her husband in a tone of arrogance.

Ranveer answered his wife’s question in song. Of course, he did not hold his own song. ‘Dance Ka Bhoot’ from ‘Brahmastra’ has continued on the respective music streaming platform. And Alia is happy with that. The future mother danced to the rhythm of the song while sitting. Accompanied by Ranveer.

Only a few more days. After a long wait, ‘Brahmastra’ will be released on the big screen. This film directed by Ayan Mukherjee will hit the theaters on September 9. Heroes and heroines have run to various ends for publicity. In a few days their destination was IIT Bombay. Recently, the star-couple spent time with the students there. Deda’s conversation continued about ‘Brahmastra’. The actress sang ‘Kesaria’ on everyone’s request. Ranbir Kapoor encouraged his wife by sitting next to him. The students also agreed with Alia.

Ranveer-Alia’s fans are overwhelmed by this advertisement. The murderousness of the two has once again won their hearts. For now, waiting to see the chemistry of the two on the big screen.

Alia recently acted in ‘Darlings’. Alia became a producer with this film released on Netflix. His performance in this black-comedy drama was praised.

Ranveer was last seen on screen in ‘Shamshera’. However, the film flopped at the box office. He is currently looking at ‘Brahmastra’.

Source: Hindustan Times

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