The United States forced Iran again

The United States forced Iran again
The United States forced Iran again

For the second time this week, the US has forced Iran to give up US military drones. Reuters reported in a report on Saturday, citing US officials.

Earlier, Iran’s navy intercepted two US drones in the Red Sea. But they left them again. Iran’s state TV reported this information.

In this regard, the television said, Iran’s naval warship Zamaran intercepted two drones on Thursday after informing the US Navy to avoid further accidents. After securing the international shipping lanes, the two drones were released to safety.

A video shows more than a dozen Iranian navy military drones pushing the two from the deck of their ship into the sea.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported by the United States that Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps tried to intercept a drone of the US Fifth Fleet. But their efforts were thwarted.

The US Navy challenged Iran’s actions in a statement, saying the drone was in a designated patrol area at least four nautical miles from the two nearest maritime traffic lanes.

Meanwhile, Iran is increasing its naval presence near the Iranian coast in the Red Sea. A century ago, troops were sent there to protect Iranian oil tankers and merchant ships from pirates.

After that, the United States also increased its presence in the Gulf. But Iran has repeatedly warned them. According to Islamic Revolution, they have increased their activities to ensure the safety of Iranian ships and prevent illegal fuel shipments.

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