robbery Howrah Lalbazar

robbery Howrah Lalbazar
robbery Howrah Lalbazar

Howrah Incident: Robbery again in Howrah, the criminals got away with Tk 10 to 12 lakhs

Howrah: Another terrible robbery incident in Howrah. Robbery at the house of a saree trader in Jagatballabpur, Howrah on Thursday. The miscreants robbed the 12-year-old child of the house by pointing a gun at his head. The family of the saree trader complained that they did not get help despite repeated calls to the police. Later, the businessman called Lalbazar for help.

According to local sources, a group of four miscreants attacked the house of saree trader Sujit Kara on Thursday. They were said to be carrying two guns. A 12-year-old child of the house was held at the head of the robbery. Sujeet went to stop him and the miscreants hit him with the butt of the gun and split his head. The family claimed that the miscreants looted the house and took several valuables including gold jewellery. They fled from the spot with gold worth around 10 to 12 lakh rupees and valuables and cash.

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Allegedly, even though they called the police for help, there was no solution. Finally, the businessman’s family called Lalbazar for help. The family also accused the police of inaction. No one has been arrested in this incident so far. The police are investigating the whole incident.

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