Luck will open only if it is placed in the house, there will never be lack of money in life

Luck will open only if it is placed in the house, there will never be lack of money in life
Luck will open only if it is placed in the house, there will never be lack of money in life

According to Vastu Shastra, a lot of our life depends on the size of our house, location of certain rooms and surrounding trees. So the four sides of the house should be kept clean. Planting trees according to Vastu at home gives auspicious results which can solve many problems in life.

If you are having money problems then this ad is for you. We are going to tell you an easy way by which your money problems will be solved. You must know about a tree also known as jade plant, money tree, flower plant, friendship tree or good luck tree. Jade plant has so many benefits that even in western countries people are weaving it at home. The plant has dense, evergreen leaves that are round in shape. This plant bears white or pink flowers. This small plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a type of ‘money plant’.

In India not only Vastu Shastra but also Feng Shui praises this plant for its special qualities. This plant can store water for a long time in its leaves, so it is believed that having it will not cause lack of wealth, health, happiness and prosperity in the life of the householder, its water catch is considered to be a symbol of saving money.

Benefits of Jadeplant:-
This tree has many benefits, let’s know what are the benefits of this tree —-

1) Lucky symbol:-
Many people keep these plants in their homes as they believe that they are associated with good luck and bring good luck. Chinese feng shui suggests that this plant has the ability to activate good energy and by removing negative energy from the home this plant brings happiness, prosperity, wealth and good health.

2) Jade Plant Architecture:-

People believe that this tree brings wealth and good luck. Placing it at the entrance of businesses or offices and shops promotes business growth. The most important thing is that this plant attracts money like a magnet and thus money cannot leave you.

According to Feng Shui, a jade plant can be placed in different directions and places and has various advantages and disadvantages which are listed below:-

1) East – Improves family harmony, health.

2) South East – Fills with wealth.

3) West Side – Bring creativity and luck into you.

4) North West – Gives luck to mentors, teachers and helpers

5) Place jade plant in bedroom and bathroom, your health and stomach problems will be removed.

The information provided here is based on assumptions and facts only. It is important to mention here that Bharat Message does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Consult a relevant expert before applying any information or assumptions.

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