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Farmers are distraught over not getting fair price for jute in Muladi

Farmers are distraught over not getting fair price for jute in Muladi
Farmers are distraught over not getting fair price for jute in Muladi

The jute farmers have become helpless to the jute merchant syndicate in Barisal’s Muladi. They complain that the production cost is not being raised by selling jute. Jute traders have to sell jute at a low price as they set the price as they wish. Farmers are losing interest in cultivating golden crops as they are not getting fair price.

Jute traders claim that they have to buy from the farmers at a lower price as the mill owners have reduced the prices.

At the beginning of this season, jute traders buy jute at the rate of 2,500 to 2,800 taka per maund. He decided the price of jute at the rate of 1 thousand 800 to 2 thousand 200 taka by suddenly reducing the price. They reduced the price due to rain or adverse weather conditions, including jute being slightly wet.

It is known that this year the farmers have cultivated jute on six thousand 450 hectares of land in the upazila. The yield in these lands has also been fairly good. Farmers were already worried about the desired price of jute. However, many farmers are forced to grow jute on two-crop land.

Shah Alam Sardar, a farmer of Bhangarmona village of Muladi Sadar Union, said that Aman cultivates jute on about one acre of land after paddy. Out of that, 20 percent of the land is jute and it is seen that about 4 thousand 600 rupees have been spent on buying seeds, tilling the land, applying fertilizers, cutting and cleaning the jute. He got 3 thousand 750 by selling jute of that 20 percent land and 480 taka by selling jute.

Babul Bepari, another farmer of Charlipur village, said that the traders cheated the farmers by buying jute at a low price and made extra profit. Farmers are very helpless to them.

Shah Alam, a small businessman of Chardikri village of Muladi municipality said, “Last year, I bought jute from farmers at a price of Tk 3,000 to Tk 3,500 as we got a good price from the wholesalers. But at the last minute, they reduced the price of jute to Tk 2,500. As a result, I could not sell a lot of jute last year. I am in danger with that jute because I did not get the price this year too.’

Khaserhat port jute trader Sohel Fakir said the price of jute depends on the mill owners. If they reduce the price, they are forced to buy jute from the farmers at a lower price. Wholesale traders will not buy jute from farmers or small traders at higher prices at a loss.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Monirul Islam said that last year the farmers cultivated jute on 5 thousand 900 hectares of land. This year, jute cultivation area has increased to 6,450 hectares. However, the issue of determining the price of jute depends on the traders and mill owners.

He also said that no government support or subsidy is given in the jute sector. The agriculture office advises the farmers to cultivate and get good yield. If the government decides to support the jute farmers and allocate money, then arrangements will be made to give the list to the farmers.

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