Not only DU students but more than half a hundred young women were kidnapped by fake police

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Dhaka: No one should get on his motorcycle if the police give his identity, he should be challenged to know his identity. No policeman ever takes the accused on a motorcycle – said Haroon Or Rashid, Chief Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police.

He said, ‘DB has arrested 4 fraudsters including Shakeel who kidnapped DU students. Arrested Shakeel said that not only DU students, but this fake police gang kidnapped more than half a hundred young women and robbed 1500. Shakeel is one of the members of this group.

Additional Commissioner of Police (DB Chief) Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid gave this information at a press conference organized at DMP Media Center on Sunday (September 4) at noon.

He said, ‘After that incident, the detective police went to the field to catch the gang. Finally yesterday (August 3) Shakil Ahmed Rubel (28), Akash Sheikh (22), Delwar Hossain (55) and Habibur Rahman were arrested. During the arrest, a foreign pistol, two rounds of bullets, a magazine, a wireless set, two motorcycles with police stickers and six mobile phones were seized from them.

According to DB, Rubel is a professional robber. He is involved in more than 1500 robberies. Apart from robbing, Rubel also behaved indecently with women. His main target was university and college girls.

DB Pradhan said, ‘Rubel robbed a motorcycle from Uttara Sector 12 on August 12 before picking up the DU student and robbing him. He abducted the student of DU with a police sticker on that motorcycle and took him to Diabari and robbed him.’

Based on the questioning of Rubel, the DB chief said, ‘Initially I found out that Rubel’s house is in Gazipur. But two more addresses of him were found. We are verifying them. Rubel did not rent any house in Dhaka. He used to rent rooms in different hotels of the capital. Then he used to steal or rent a motorcycle and target university students or college students and kidnap and rob them.’

He said, “The arrested Rubel has so far committed more than 1500 robberies across the country including Dhaka. I also got information that after the robbery, he misbehaved with 50 girls. There are 6 robbery cases against him in different police stations. He and his associates will be remanded and questioned in detail in this regard.

Police are looking for the person who kidnapped the DU student

How did a student of DU fall under Rubel’s grip so easily, DB Pradhan said in response to the question of the reporters, ‘Perhaps the student mistook him for the police after seeing the walkie-talkie, pistol and police sticker on Rubel’s car. But if he had called the people around him and challenged him, maybe such an incident would not have happened.’

In response to another question, the DB chief said, ‘Rubel has been jailed several times. There are also 6 cases against him.

In response to the question of what was the work of his three associates, he said, ‘They helped Rubel in different ways at different times. Some used to rent motorcycles and some used to help in other ways.’

In response to the question of how the arrested Rubel got the wakitki and the pistol, Harun Or Rashid said, ‘We will try to get details from him by remanding him.’

In response to the question whether any policeman is involved with the arrested Rubel, the DB chief said, ‘We will remand him and interrogate him further. I will try to find out who else is involved with him.’

It is to be noted that on August 25, a third year student of Dhaka University (DU) was stopped by a man with a ‘police’ sticker on a motorcycle in Kalyanpur area of ​​the capital. Then the person looked at a bag in the hand of the student and said hoarsely – ‘This bag contains illegal items. You have to go to the police station’. Within a few seconds, the person took the student down from the rickshaw and started running at a high speed. After that, he took the girl to a secluded area of ​​Diabari of Turag Police Station and took away the gold chain and earrings from the girl’s neck by threatening to stab her. In this incident, the victim, a DU student, filed a case at the Turag police station.


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