Price correction in stock market

Price correction in stock market
Price correction in stock market

On Sunday, the first working day of the week, there was a big rise in the price index at the beginning of the trading, but in the end, the price index fell. Through this, after being upward for six consecutive working days, the price of the stock market was slightly corrected.

However, the amount of transactions has increased despite the price decrease. The main stock market, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), has increased its turnover to over Tk 2,000 crore. However, the prices of shares and units of many companies participating in the transactions on DSE and other stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) have decreased.

Prior to this, the five working days of the previous week and the last working day of the previous week increase in value. The DSEX, the main index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, crossed 6,000 points in such a rise for six consecutive working days.

In this situation, trading on DSE and CSE started on Sunday by increasing the share and unit prices of most of the companies. But in the end the trend continued.

In the beginning, most of the companies increased the prices of shares and units, the main price of DSE increased by 20 points as soon as the trading started. At one stage of trading, DSE’s main index rose 71 points.

But suddenly from 12 noon selling pressure increased. One by one, the company loses its price. As a result, big upswings turn into downswings. At the end of the day’s trading in DSE, all the sectors have written their names in the list of share and unit price increase of 95 companies. On the contrary, the price has decreased by 217. And the price of 63 remains unchanged.

In this, the main index of DSE, DSEX, decreased by 18 points compared to the previous day and reached 6,489 points. Among the remaining two indices, DSE-30 is standing at 2,303 points down by 2 points compared to the previous day. And DSE Shariah rose by 1 point to 1,410 points compared to the previous day.

The volume of transactions on DSE has also increased despite the decline in prices. 2 thousand 296 crore 39 lakh taka were traded in the market throughout the day. 1 thousand 889 crore 52 lakh taka was traded on the previous day. Accordingly, the transaction has increased by 406 crore 87 lakh taka.

Beximco’s shares were traded the most in terms of rupees on DSE. The shares of the company were traded worth Tk 118 crore 38 lakh. Delta Life Insurance, which is in second place, has a transaction of Tk. 113 crore 89 lakhs. Lafarge Holcim Bangladesh is in the third place with a share transaction of Tk 80 crore 81 lakh.

Besides, the list of top 10 companies in terms of transactions in DSE includes – Orion Pharma, National Polymer, Unique Hotel, Eastern Housing, Orion Infusion, Bangladesh Shipping Corporation and Jinex Infosys.

Another stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) overall price index CASPI decreased by 74 points. 35 crore 91 lakh taka has been traded in the market. 93 of the 301 institutions participating in the transaction rose in price. On the contrary, the prices of 166 have decreased and the prices of 42 have remained unchanged.


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