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China | Tech companies slowly shift production away from China dgtl

Many companies like Apple and Google are turning away from China. The two companies are going to launch new smartphones in the next few weeks. It is known that several companies’ smartphones will no longer be manufactured in China. This decision of various organizations is considered to be very significant. India is on the list of companies as an alternative country to China.

It is believed that companies no longer want to spend in that country to turn their backs on Beijing. Significantly, some companies are choosing India instead of China. Apple’s new iPhone is in the market. It is known that the new iPhone will be partly produced in India. Vietnam has been chosen for the production of Google’s new Pixel phones.

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Since the pandemic, Beijing’s conflict with Washington has intensified over trade. Currently, this conflict has escalated. Recently, the bitterness between the two countries has increased several times over Taiwan. That is why American companies do not want to take any more risks in business with China.

In fact, China is the main base in the world for the production of advanced electronic products. But in the recent context, several companies have started reducing production from China. It’s not just that smartphone manufacturers are flocking out of China. Other companies are also gradually choosing alternative locations for manufacturing their products. Apple is making the iPad in North Vietnam. Amazon has decided to manufacture the ‘Fire TV device’ in Chennai, India. Incidentally, even a few years ago these materials were manufactured in China.

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Beijing found out in a survey that this kind of production in that country is suffering. China’s manufacturing contracted in August, the survey claimed. “The foundation of China’s manufacturing empire has been shaken,” said Leor Susan, founder of Eclipse Venture Capital. Many companies are looking for alternatives to China to manufacture their products.” After that, iPhone makers started thinking about alternative places to produce their products. This is the first time that Apple’s new ‘iPhone 14’ is supposed to be manufactured in India. It is heard that in the coming days Apple is planning to do the entire production process of iPhone from India.

In fact, according to a recent World Bank report, India is poised to overtake China as the world’s fastest growing economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a list of average GDP figures for various countries, with India overtaking Britain to the fifth position. In this context, it is considered significant to consider India as an alternative to China for iPhone manufacturing.

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