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Launch fare reduced by 15 paisa per kilometer

Launch fare reduced by 15 paisa per kilometer
Launch fare reduced by 15 paisa per kilometer

After lowering the price of fuel oil, the fare of the launch has been reduced. Reduced by 15 paise per kilometer. At the same time, the minimum fare has been reduced from Tk 33 to Tk 30.

On Thursday (September 1), a notification was issued by the Ministry of Shipping reducing the fare. The new fare will be effective from 12 midnight onwards.

According to the notification, the launch fare per person for distance up to 100 km has been reduced from 3 taka per kilometer to 2 taka 85 paisa. Besides, for the first distance of more than 100 km, the rate has been reduced from 2 taka 60 paisa to 2 taka 45 paisa per km.

Earlier on August 5, the government increased the price of fuel in the country. Then per liter diesel was increased by Tk 34, kerosene Tk 34, octane Tk 46 and petrol Tk 44.

After the price increase, the price of diesel is Tk 114, kerosene Tk 114, octane Tk 135 and petrol Tk 130.

In view of this, the launch fare was increased on August 16. Then 70 paisa per kilometer for short distance and 60 paisa for long distance. The fare for short distance launches increases by 30.43 percent and 30 percent for long distances.

At that time, the launch fee was increased from 2 taka 30 paisa to 3 taka up to 100 km and increased from 2 taka 2 to 2 taka 60 paisa in case of a distance of more than 100 km. And the minimum fare per person has been increased from Tk 25 to Tk 33.

Last on August 29, the government reduced the price of all types of fuel oil by Tk 5 per liter in the country’s market. As a result, the price of diesel and kerosene per liter has been increased to Tk 109, octane Tk 130 and petrol at Tk 125 per litre. In view of this, the new launch fare has been reduced by 15 paisa per kilometer.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) reduced the bus fare by five paise per kilometer on Wednesday (August 31). In long-distance buses, the fare per passenger has been reduced by 5 paisa to 2 taka 15 paisa per kilometer. And in the metropolis, 5 paisa is reduced to 2 taka 45 paisa for every kilometer.


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