Control should be strict 1185507 | The voice of time

Control should be strict 1185507 | The voice of time
Control should be strict 1185507 | The voice of time

Technology is advancing. Technology will advance. We have to keep pace with this progress to survive. Digital revolution started in Bangladesh keeping that need in mind.


Bangladesh has come a long way in the IT sector. But like any technology, digital technology has fallen into the hands of bad people and started to be used in bad ways. And his victims are common people. Victims are young women, teenagers. Financial fraud is also being done to many people. Money laundering is increasing in the name of mobile banking. Incidents that incite communalism are also taking place. Technology is not responsible for this, misuse of technology is responsible. These abusers must be stopped.

Misuse of digital technology is not only in Bangladesh but also in many developed and underdeveloped countries. Recently, there has been an incident of the students of Chandigarh University in India placing a camera in the bathroom of the residence hall and making a video and spreading it through the net. Eight students even attempted suicide after these revelations. The police of that country are actively working on the matter. A similar report was published in Kal Kantha yesterday. It revealed several incidents where girls and their families were blackmailed using video or photo manipulation. There have been many such incidents in the past as well and they have resulted in tragic incidents like suicides. According to the data of Dhaka Metropolitan Police or DMP, in 2021, 117 cases of such crimes have been registered in different police stations of Dhaka. 158 people have been accused. 104 people have been arrested. In seven months of this year, 97 pornography cases have been registered against 151 people. 105 people were arrested.

Special section of police is working to control cyber crime. But experts in this sector believe that police activity is very low compared to the prevalence of crime. According to them, as the number of policemen skilled in IT should be increased in this sector, their technical capacity should also be increased. Besides, initiatives should be taken to increase awareness among people. Expressions of interest from unknown and lesser-known IDs on Facebook and other social media should be treated with caution. Be very careful when sharing friends, photos or videos.

Internet services now extend to remote rural areas. Smartphones are now in hand. From a negative point of view, the field of cyber crime is much wider now. Therefore, efforts to suppress this crime should be increased a lot. Common people should be made safe.

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