The first lamp of the lighthouse

The first lamp of the lighthouse
The first lamp of the lighthouse

From the original language of ancient Bengal, the U. of Bengali languagetThere is a problem. This language has its own tradition and identity.

Bangla language is the eternal mouth language of Bengali mother.

The Bengali nation has maintained its mother tongue for ages by struggling with the ruling groups of different times to protect their ancient mother tongue..

The Bengali language movement took place in two phases. The first step was on March 11, 1948 Bengali Language Claim Day. The second step was on 21 February 1952 State Language Struggle Council Movement through language.

In connection with this, Alochya Anwar Hossain was arrested for leading the first phase of the language movement and was martyred by the police..

ttThe movement in East Bengal started around the announcement of the then Pakistan government to make Urdu the state language. On March 11, 1948, at the call of conscious student leaderstDemanding the preservation of the language in the main educational institutions across the country in East Bengal Bengali Language Claim Day The student movement was celebrated in the name.

After the government of Pakistan assumed power on August 14, 1947, the National Assembly declared Urdu as the state language, and the language movement took off in East Bengal.. In protest in East BengaltTime student leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others like-minded 11 March/1948 Bengali Language Demand Day Campaign by announcing the program in the name.

It was the first phase of movement by conscious students against the new Pakistan government against the discriminatory decision against the Bengali nation’s mother tongue.. Anwar Hossain, a brilliant student of BL College, who led this movement from Khulna, was shot dead by the police. He is the first martyr who gave his life in language movement.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (later Bangabandhu and Father of the Nation) Faridpur to make the Bengali Language Demand Day movement on March 11, 1948 a success., Jessore, Khulna,He came to Barisal and held a public meeting. He was in Daulatpur of Khulna (February 28) with the aim of building a movement, 1948) held meetings and rallies and addressed the meeting on the demand of Bengali language ignoring the obstacles of the opposition parties and called for the success of the movement..

At the same time, Awami Muslim Chhatra League leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz was formed as the president and Mominuddin as the general secretary of Khulna committee.. Later, after the meeting in Barisal, he returned to Dhaka three days before the scheduled date and led the movement on March 11. The police arrested many student leaders and activists including him in the March 11 movement. That was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s first imprisonment in Pakistan.

Khulna BL College student federation in this movement, Awami Muslim Chhatra League and like-minded student leaders namely Anwar Hossain, Tahmiduddin, Swadesh Bose, Santosh Ghosh, Dhananjaya Das, A group of students led by Shailen Ghosh and other student leaders went to Khulna from Daulatpur on March 11, 1948.; Khulna Hadis Park (TtAnwar Hossain, the talented Tejaswi Tukhor student leader of BL College, held a protest rally and presented a demand for the protection of the Bengali language..

He and some student leaders were arrested by the police for presenting a written demand to protect the mother tongue Bengali in the face of strong obstacles from the police.. Later, the students who were arrested at various times were released on condition, but Anwar Hossain was not released by the police.

Pak police transferred prisoner Anwar from Khulna to Rajshahi Jail. Anwar Hussain and seven other prisoners were brutally killed by indiscriminate firing in the Khapra ward of Rajshahi Jail on April 24, 1950 A.D. on the pretext of leading the movement for several demands including hunger strike in Rajshahi Jail by raising various demands about other Rajprisoners..

Those seven patriotic heroes who made a daring protest against the torture of Bengali royal prisoners by the Pakistani government from the jail were the first martyrs against the Pakistani government..

Among them, Anwar Hussain is the first martyr who gave his life in captivity for the demand of language. Another 35-40 prisoners were seriously injured in the massacre and somehow survived. The other royal prisoners killed were – Bijan Sen, Dilwar Hossain, Hanif Sheikh, Compram Singh, Sukhendu Bhattacharya and Sudhin Dhar.

To preserve the memory of these martyrs, in 1973 AD, on the orders of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Shaheed Minar was constructed in Khapra Ward of Rajshahi Jail with a name plaque as a memorial to the bravery of the martyrs..

Anwar Hossain was imprisoned from Khulna for leading the movement to protect the Bengali language. He was brutally shot dead by the police while in jail for leading the protest against the unjust demands and work of the Pakistani government.. He was martyred by leading the movement to protect the language. So in our view, Anwar Hossain is the first of Bengali mother tongue protection movement language martyr.

11th March 1948 First Phase Movement, 21 February 1952 of the second phase led the movement. Rafiq, Shafiq, blessing, Jabbar and Awal have been immortalized by being recognized as language martyrs by giving their lives to the Pakistani police during the 21st February language movement.; In that way, the pioneers of the first phase of the language movement on March 11t It is the demand of time to recognize Anwar Hossain as the first language martyr. I wish the concerned authorities and the ministry to look into this matter.

Identity: Anwar Hossain’s father’s name is Konai Sardar. Ancestral residence was in Sobhnali village of Asashuni upazila of Satkhira district. His maternal grandfather’s (school teacher) house is in Budhhata village of the same upazila. Anwar Hossain studied in Budhhata Primary School under the supervision of his grandfather’s Sardar and studied in the secondary school of that village for some time..

Later he got admission in Khulna Zilla School. From there matriculation passed with honors in 1947-48. While studying at Daulatpur BL College, Khulna, he led the first phase of language movement on March 11, 1948 and was martyred by police firing on April 24, 1950 in Khapra Ward of Rajshahi Jail..

According to the information of Anwar Hossain’s fellow language soldier Abdul Halim, Anwar Hossain studied in Khulna Zilla School in 1944 AD and Anwar Hossain was a very bright student.. He passed matriculation with honors in 1946-47 AD and studied at Daulatpur BL College.. Beacon of freedom Bengali language movement. Anwar Hossain, the first lamp of that lighthouse, is still in the dark. When will the first light!

A life-giving patriot for the first phase language movement, A fearless soldier to protect the Bengali language, Bir Bengali Anwar Hossain in recognition of his glorious contribution First language martyr I am drawing the attention of the Prime Minister and the relevant ministries for its status.

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