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The story of two Marias of Bangladesh and Pakistan

The story of two Marias of Bangladesh and Pakistan
The story of two Marias of Bangladesh and Pakistan

Pakistan’s Maria grew up in wealth and fame. His family’s heritage in sports is also enviable. Grandfather Hashim Khan, uncle Jahangir Khan are squash legends. Hashim won the British Open seven times, Jahangir won the World Open six times, and won the British Open ten times in a row. Maria, the descendant of this famous Khan family of Peshawar, Pakistan, grew up in the light and air of Colorado, USA. As a child, he stepped on the squash court, also played basketball, but eventually chose football by the pull of his heart.

His story of becoming a footballer is also thrilling. His role on the University of Denver team was goalkeeper. In 2013, he went to the United Arab Emirates for his master’s degree, where he managed the middle ground. Currently a defender. It is very likely that another rare feat has been made by him. Maria’s international debut as a player and captain with a match against India last Tuesday!

In contrast, Maria in Bangladesh grew up through struggle. He did not have the same heritage as the Khan family. Rather, the partner had an uncertain future. The father whose strong hand was supposed to walk him on his way to his dreams lost that hand too at the age of three. Birendra Marat left his family in the deep sea and migrated to the land of no return.

Ma Nta Manda’s single struggle begins. To give food to the mouths of four boys and girls, sometimes planted rice, cut rice, sometimes worked as a housekeeper. Seeing the difficult life in childhood, Maria tried to help her mother in her work with soft fluffy hands, but mother did not want it, she wanted to see books in her daughter’s hands. On that occasion, Maria went to Kalsindur School in Mymensingh and took Mofiz Uddin Sir’s hand and stepped into the green of football. Now he is the lifeblood of Bangladesh team’s midfield and family.

This year’s journey of the two Marias has also started differently. Maria scored a suicide goal in Pakistan’s debut match. Bangladesh’s Maria also spread light in the Maldives match. The 19-year-old midfielder set the tone for Masura Parveen’s goal. talked to the players and coaches of the Bangladesh team about the two Marias. They evaluated the two Marias from the experience of watching the India-Pakistan match. There, crossing the dusty path of Dhobaura, crossing hundreds of barriers, Maria, who has come so far, is moving ahead.

According to coach Golam Rabbani Choton, his Maria is a special talent.

“He is a God-gifted player. Every moment on the field, his tenacity, mentality, confidence (emerge)… he is a fighter. He is very good in ball control. Our Maria is definitely fitter than Pakistan’s Maria.”

Like Choton, assistant coach Mahbubur Rahman Litu has been watching Maria closely for a long time. In his eyes, this midfielder has no match for setting the tone of the match.

“He’s our key player, plays that team. Try to keep the team. Passing has improved more than before, in fact there is no end to the good. Maria is truly a God-gifted player. His turn, move is very different, different than many, the ability to hold the ball is more.”

Bangladesh captain Sabina Khatun looked surprised when discussing the comparison of two Marias. He does not see any chance of comparison!

“I saw their Maria play yesterday, I saw some of her long shots, I think she is a good player, but you can’t compare her with our Maria, our Maria is much better. Our Maria can make plays, her turning, positional sense are all good.”

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