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Bandhan is coming in a new form

Bandhan is coming in a new form
Bandhan is coming in a new form

Ajmeri Haque Bandhan is acting for the first time in a Bangladeshi web series. The web series is called Guti. Directed by Shankh Dasgupta.

Shankh Dasgupta, the director of Guti web series, confirmed this to Jago News at around 11 am on Wednesday (September 21).

He said, this is my first work with Bandhan. I am very much looking forward to the job. So far we have 7 drafts of the script. Now the readings are being rehearsed daily with the castings.

He also said that we will shoot in different real locations of Dhaka including Chittagong, Comilla. And local artists have been cast in the areas where we will be shooting.

Talking about the web series ‘Guti’, Badhan said, ‘The work is going to be very challenging for me. How challenging it is, viewers will understand. I am actually very happy and grateful that the director took me on.’

When asked about the story of ‘Guti’, Bandhan said, Shankh has arranged the story of Guti very well. He is a very brilliant creator. He wants to portray a completely different plot, different characters, a different kind of story. Here I acted as a drug dealer named Sultana. I have been talking to Sankhar about the character for a long time. I have been carrying this character for a long time.

‘Even the very first look test I did, I made the entire costume. I have had extensive discussions with the director about what veil to wear, what color clothes to wear, which one will look exactly like that character.’

Bandhan said, ‘The casting in the series is very interesting. We all regularly sit together and do rehash sales. If the rehearsal is proper, everyone’s trouble will be reduced by going to the shooting.

It is known that the shooting of ‘Guti’ series is going to start very soon.


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