Queen Elizabeth II | 6 actresses who played Queen Elizabeth II on-screen dgtl

The public’s curiosity about the British royal family knows no bounds. The story of Buckingham Palace has always caught everyone’s attention. One can’t turn one’s eyes away, especially from a bright personality like Queen Elizabeth II. There have been several films and TV series based on a character like Rani. Where six actresses have won the audience by playing the role of queen.

Stephen Frears’ ‘The Queen’ was released in 2006. Actress Helen Mirren played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in this film. The actress won the Academy Award and the British Academy Film Award for playing the role of Rani. Helen also played Queen Elizabeth I. In 2005, she was seen in the TV series ‘Elizabeth I’. Helen is the only actress to play both Elizabeths.

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Actress Claire Foy was seen as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. He was honored with an Emmy Award for his performance in this role. Actress Olivia Colman was seen as the queen from 2019 to 2020 in this TV series. He won the Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of Rani. Olivia also won an Emmy Award.

In 2012, actress Emma Thompson was seen as Queen in the series ‘Playhouse Presents’. The animated film ‘Royal Corgi’ was released in 2019. Actress Julia Walters voiced the role of Rani in this film. Actress Jeanette Charles has appeared in several films as Queen Elizabeth II.

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