Torture by police for not wearing hijab, death of Iranian girl

Torture by police for not wearing hijab, death of Iranian girl
Torture by police for not wearing hijab, death of Iranian girl

International Desk: Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian girl who was arrested for not wearing hijab on her head, was tortured by the police (morality police) and died while undergoing treatment in the hospital with serious injuries.

He was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit on Thursday, where he died less than 24 hours later.

According to a report by AFP, quoting several local Iranian media, he lived in the Kurdistan province of Iran due to his studies. He came to the capital Tehran last week to meet his family members.

Iran Morality Police arrested Masha Amini on Thursday and took her to the police station for leaving the house without wearing hijab and burqa. Two hours after being taken into custody, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries.

A source at the hospital said that Masha died due to severe physical abuse.

On hearing the news of Masha’s arrest on Thursday, her brother Kieresh rushed to the police station. An eyewitness of the entire incident, Kieresh, told Iran’s online news outlet Iran Wire, “I went to the police station and begged the police officers to release my sister. They told me that Masha had been arrested under Gasht-i Ershad (not wearing the hijab) and would be released after some general questioning. They also asked me to wait outside the police station.’

‘As I was waiting outside the police station, after a while I saw an ambulance stop in front of the police station. Then I saw some policemen from inside the police station handcuffing someone and taking them to the ambulance.’

“At the same time, I found out at the police station that the person who was just picked up in the ambulance is my sister Masha. Police officials said that he suffered a heart attack while in custody. I calculated the time and saw that Masha was picked up in an ambulance within two hours of being brought to the police station.

“I have nothing to lose now,” Kieresh told Iran Wire, mentioning that he would file a case against Iran’s morality police. I will not spare anyone from them (morality police).’

On the other hand, Amini’s family claims that she was a healthy young woman. And he had no symptoms of heart disease nor was he under treatment.

In a statement following Masha Amini’s death on Friday, Tehran police said Masha had been taken into custody to “explain and instruct” women on dress codes in Iran. But after coming into police custody, he suddenly developed heart problems, and was immediately admitted to the hospital on the initiative of the police.

Various domestic and foreign media have contacted the Tehran Police to find out more about this; But no official declined to comment.

Meanwhile, after Masha Amini’s death sparked strong protests and outrage on various social media, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has reportedly ordered the Ministry of Interior to properly investigate the incident.

Business Hour/September 16, 2022/AHA

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