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iPhone Update: Tata Group, the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, may also join the iPhone makers’ brigade. That is why Apple is planning to start a joint venture in India with Wistron Corporation, a Taiwan-based supplier. It is heard that the Tata group along with Wistron also wants to enter the technology sector.

Tata To Make iPhone: Tata is taking a new initiative
Tata Group will be the first company in the country to manufacture iPhone if the news from tech sites is true. Currently, Taiwanese company Wistron China and India’s Foxconn Technology Group assemble the iPhone. It is believed that any Indian company manufacturing the iPhone could challenge China’s dominance in electronics manufacturing. Due to the Covid pandemic and tensions with the US, Apple has distanced itself from China for iPhone manufacturing. China is currently under lockdown due to covid. That is why other tech giants are showing more interest in manufacturing electronic gadgets in India instead of China. Tech bloggers think that now various countries are turning to India to reduce their dependence on China.

iPhone Update: It is heard that Tata’s talks with Wistron have reached an early stage. The contract structure, shareholding issues for iPhone production are yet to be finalised. If all goes well, the Tata Group will jointly manufacture the iPhone in India with Wistron India. But nothing is going to be said until the deal reaches its final stage. It is being said from some quarters that the Tata group may set up a new assembly plant. Tata can do this by focusing only on making Apple phones.

Tata To Make iPhone: It is speculated that Apple wants to manufacture the iPhone in other countries besides China. The company wants to strengthen the supply-chain especially in India. Tech sites say that assembling Apple’s iPhone is a challenging job. Because this American company does not compromise on the meaning of the product. A lot of quality has to be fulfilled to prepare this mobile. The company aims to increase iPhone production by 5 times with the new manufacturing plant.

Tata Group chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran had also said in the past that the company’s focus would be on increasing production of electronics products. Wistron has been assembling iPhones in Karnataka since 2017. Currently the company is running on heavy losses.

Apple Launch Event: After a long wait, the iPhone 14 series has finally been launched. Apple (Apple iPhone) authorities have launched iPhone 14 (iPhone 14) and iPhone 14 Plus (iPhone 14 Plus), these two models. It was first heard that the ‘mini’ model will not be launched in the iPhone 14 series. However, it was sometimes heard that Apple will launch a ‘mini’ model in the iPhone 14 series. However, in the end, the Apple authorities did not launch any ‘mini’ model in the iPhone 14 series.

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