One More Dengue Patient Died In Kolkata

Calcutta: 1 more Dengue patient died in Kolkata. Another dengue patient died in ward number 106. Anurag Malakar died on Kasba East Road. On September 6, he was admitted to Ruby Hospital in a critical condition due to dengue. Anurag was on ventilation since admission, died yesterday evening. The person died after contracting dengue, the municipal health department (KMC Health Department) admitted.

Another dengue patient died in Kolkata: Dengue is causing eyes. The dengue picture in several districts of the state is alarming. After reviewing the situation, the health department decided to form 5 inspection teams. And on this day, another dengue patient died. According to the municipal health department, “Anurag had multiple comorbidities including diabetes, obesity.” Municipality (KMC) was in touch since admission to hospital. The claim is from the municipal health department. Another person died of dengue in ward number 106 yesterday. The woman died after cardiac arrest, claimed the municipal health department.

So far this year, 4 dengue patients have died in Kolkata. 5 people died in Howrah. According to health department statistics, between Wednesday and Thursday, 401 people were infected with dengue in a single day in the state. 3 thousand 197 people have been infected with dengue in the last 2 weeks in the state. According to the statistics of the Health Department, the number of dengue cases has increased the most in the last 1 week in Kolkata Municipality, Howrah Municipality, Uttarpara-Kotrang Municipality, Bali Municipality and Barrackpore Municipality.

In this situation, the health department officials held an emergency meeting on Thursday. However, according to sources, there were no representatives of the Kolkata Municipality in that meeting. The health department has decided to form 5 inspection teams to deal with the situation. 4 inspection teams for South Bengal, 1 inspection team for North Bengal. Fever clinics will also be opened in Howrah and Hooghly. Tele medicine call center is being opened in Howrah to provide counseling to dengue patients.

The health department’s Thursday bulletin informed that 401 new cases of dengue have been reported in the state in the previous 24 hours. Among them, 315 dengue patients are undergoing treatment in government hospitals. The districts with the highest prevalence of dengue include:

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