The road received financial support from the Prime Minister

The road received financial support from the Prime Minister
The road received financial support from the Prime Minister

Chittagong: As promised by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the district administration has provided financial assistance to the helpless old crippled rickshaw driver who was injured in a road accident.

On Sunday (September 4) morning, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong, the old rickshaw driver Md. He ordered the treatment of Ibrahim.

In the afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman rushed to see the old patient in Ward No. 26 of Chittagong Medical Orthopedics Department.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Mu. Mahmudullah Maruf was present. Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman handed over one lakh rupees to the old man on behalf of the Prime Minister. Later Chittagong Medical College Hospital Director Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed and Assistant Director Rajiv Palit assured the old man of proper treatment. Also, 500 packets of food were arranged for 327 patients, attendants and duty staff admitted for treatment in Ward No. 26 of Orthopedics Department on behalf of the district administration.

Md. Ibrahim, an old rickshaw driver of Amirabad ward of Sitakunda Municipality of Chittagong, was injured after falling from a rickshaw three years ago in 2019. He was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital Orthopedics Department. Two toes were amputated due to lack of money for proper treatment. Now the right leg is rotting. On September 3, a national newspaper published a news headlined ‘Rickshaw driver crippled in accident, wants to live’. The news calls for humanitarian aid seeking financial assistance for the crippled rickshaw puller. The news escaped the attention of many, but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not. Later he instructed the District Commissioner of Chittagong to take charge of his entire treatment.

Bangladesh Time: 1905 hours, September 04, 2022

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