12 reasons behind girder accidents in Uttara

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The investigation committee has found 12 reasons behind the incident of the fall of the Udal road guardrail in Uttara of the capital. Earlier, after the accident on August 15, the inquiry committee had reported the negligence of the contractor for the accident.

12 reasons for the accident were reported by the investigation committee on Sunday. Earlier, the committee submitted the investigation report to the Road Transport Secretary on August 30.

Investigating officers spoke to six accused in the police case in the accident. Apart from this, the report was prepared by taking the testimony of 40 people, including Chinese nationals, from crane suppliers and contractors.

In this, they cited the use of the crane on a holiday on August 15 without permission, the operation of the crane by an assistant and the shifting of girders during the day for the first time as the main reasons for the accident.

In addition, the investigation committee said that the crane was unlicensed and the employment of the employees of the contractor was not allowed. They also said that the crane on uneven ground did not have a digital monitor.

At the same time, lack of specific traffic management plan at the site, lack of qualification of traffic management staff, lack of qualification of safety engineering, lack of emergency management are the causes of the accident, the investigation committee said. The inquiry committee has recommended punishment to the culprits along with compensation to the families of the victims.

Earlier, a five-member investigation committee was formed under the leadership of Additional Secretary of Road Transport and Highways Department, Neelima Akhtar, in the incident of five deaths due to the fall of the girder in Uttara. The inquiry committee at that time pointed out the negligence of the contractor for the accident.

Five private car occupants were killed on the spot when a BRT girder fell while being lifted by a crane in front of Arang showroom in Uttara Jasimuddin area of ​​the capital. Later, the private car was cut and the bodies of five people were recovered. All the deceased are members of the same family.

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