The price is increasing, make cheese at home without milk! Here’s the whole process, from sweet to dalna now in no time

The price is increasing, make cheese at home without milk! Here’s the whole process, from sweet to dalna now in no time
The price is increasing, make cheese at home without milk! Here’s the whole process, from sweet to dalna now in no time

Who does not love to eat cheese! Especially vegetarians. It is their favorite food. But there are many who are vegetarians but are allergic to milk or dairy products. Now they need an alternative to cheese. In that case paneer can be made without milk. All you need is peanuts, vinegar and water. Its taste and texture is exactly like store-bought cheese. Let’s see here how to make paneer from peanuts. And yes, different kinds of padas can be cooked with this paneer too.

Groundnuts should be soaked and ground: 2 cups of groundnuts are required to make paneer. First wash well. Then soak in hot water. After an hour grind them in a blender adding little water. In this case 1/4 cup of water is enough. Care should be taken to make the paste thick and smooth.

Milk from peanut paste: It is most important. Cheese is not possible without milk. But this is an alternative approach to common milk allergy. The snake will die and the stick will not break. Now in a large pan, add 1 liter of water to the groundnut paste and stir on medium heat. So that the paste dissolves completely with water. It should not boil like milk. After stirring for 2-3 minutes, switch off the flame. Now tie a thin cotton cloth on the mouth of the pot and pour milk. This cotton cloth will serve as strainer and strainer. Milk will accumulate in the container and groundnut pulp in the cloth. This pulp can be used to make halwa or barfi.

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Chicks from milk: Now boil peanut milk on medium flame. Before that, four tablespoons of water should be mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar. When the milk boils, turn off the heat and pour it. Stir continuously with a stick or a stick. Gradually the milk will start to flow. Stir until all the chickpeas separate and only water remains.

Straining Process: Chicks should not be left in the vinegar mixture for too long. Then it will turn sour. So, when the chicks are separated, they should be strained quickly. Pour the chickpeas in a large sieve or strainer wrapped in a clean muslin cloth. Adding 2-3 cups of cold water will remove the smell of vinegar.

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Now cheese: Now the muslin cloth should be twisted like a bun. The confectioners call it, jakan. The better the rind, the better the cheese will be made. Something heavy can be placed on the putli. Excess water will come out. If you keep it like this for an hour, the cheese will settle.

Ready to cook: Cheese is made without milk. Now vegetables, curry can be made with it. Chickpea sweets like rasgolla, rasmalai can be prepared. If you don’t want all of that, you can make paneer dalna. And if you want to preserve it, put the cheese in a bowl of water and put it in the fridge. 2 days will be good.

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First published: September 03, 2022, 16:37 IST

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