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Kana is successful today with patience-courage-honesty

Kana is successful today with patience-courage-honesty
Kana is successful today with patience-courage-honesty

Sharifa Akhtar Konar wanted to do something on her own after completing her graduation in fashion designing. Using his knowledge of fashion design, he started a company called ‘Dazzle Blue’.

Sharifa Akhter Kanar’s scope of work of the company has now increased a lot, employment has been created. Not only business, Kana is also involved in the teaching profession of a private university.

This successful woman entrepreneur said that the beginning of becoming an entrepreneur was not easy. Getting married early creates uncertainty about continuing education. However, he did not stop dreaming.

His family and teachers inspired him to make his dreams come true. With their inspiration, he started moving forward to fulfill his dreams. It is difficult to run a business with a family. But with proper planning, perseverance and hard work, everything is possible, he said.

Kana said that since its inception, ‘Dazzle Blue’ started working with girls’ clothes. In our country, girls’ clothes are mostly brought from outside the country. There is a lot of demand for girls’ clothes in country designs. My organization is working on the design and quality of comfortable clothes for girls in the country to meet that demand.

Talking about the story of his business, Kona said, ‘Dazzle Blue’ has already become known for meeting the needs of girls’ clothing. They have two outlets in Uttara. Apart from this, there are online platforms. He has been able to employ more than 40 people in 10 years. He is working with the dream of exporting girls’ clothes. With 10 years of efforts, the company has become a trusted name for customers.

To become an entrepreneur, Kana believes that love and respect for work is essential. He believes that it is possible to overcome obstacles on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and fulfill your dreams with patience, strength, courage, faith and honesty.

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