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BJP Leader Dilip Ghosh Says Assembly Election May Take Place Again In December Or They Will Even Not Need It To Form Government Raising Speculations

Dental: After Maharashtra, Rajasthan, then Bengal. State opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari was heard making similar comments a few weeks ago. People who are aware of recent political events had no difficulty in understanding that he is talking about putting a government in Bengal. However, there is no doubt, this time BJP’s All India Vice President Dilip Ghosh was heard saying on the public stage that the government may change in Bengal in December.

Assembly elections can be held again in December, Dileep’s comments in Dantane

Dilip made such a comment in a meeting of Paschim Medinipur News (Dantan News) on Thursday. He said, “There may be no vote now. But maybe after December. The assembly vote can be held again. There is no trust in this government. Like water on a lotus leaf. This is there, this is not.”

Be it allegations of corruption in the recruitment of teachers or cow smuggling or coal smuggling cases, the ruling Trinamool has been raising questions about the increased activity of central agencies like CBI and ED in Bengal in recent times. Unable to make it to the polls, they claim that the BJP government at the Center is using central agencies to fulfill its own political ambitions.

In that context, Dileep’s comments are more suggestive. For on this day he was heard to say, “This is the booty that has come to the end.” Don’t think CBI-ED will let the puja go peacefully. Many people’s Ganesha Puja has gone wrong. There were many big Ganesh Pujas. big belly That Ganesh Puja is no more.”

What is Dilip indicating about Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra! Speculation abounds

Directly targeting Mamata Banerjee, Dileep also said, “If Didimani is abandoned, the polls may be held in December.” No more voting. The government will fall already in December. After six months of losing in Madhya Pradesh, we have a government. Karnataka is also our government. After two and a half years, our government has come to Maharashtra too. It has been a year and a half of the Trinamool government. A lot has happened. Go home this time. BJP is on the line. I don’t think I have to choose anymore. That’s how the government will be.”

Earlier, BJP had set out to form the government in Bengal in 2021. Amit Shah had predicted more than 200 seats in Bengal. But when the results of the polls came out, this run of 77 stopped for the ocher camp. Since then, from municipal elections to by-elections, the BJP has been hit hard. Babul Supriya, Jaiprakash Majumdar have come to the grassroots one by one.

Dileep sneered at those defecting leaders on this day. In his words, “some MLAs left our party and went there. All the money will come back with interest. Say, I have brought five pieces, grandfather, make me chairman. Someone will say, I have brought nine pieces, make me a minister. You will see that the chicken will catch it.”

However, Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy refused to give importance to this comment of Dileep. In his words, “He is cornered in his own party. Now all these revolutionary talks are trying to regain relevance. There is no reason to give importance to his words. But it is true that in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Manipur and recently in Maharashtra, horse-trading and elected governments have usurped power. Now Jharkhand is trying to build a government by buying and selling horses. But 8 crore people of Bengal are with Mamata Banerjee against the anti-people government at the Centre.

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CPM central committee member Sujan Chakraborty said regarding Dileep’s comments, “There is no doubt that the Trinamool government is in a very dangerous place the way it is running now. Not to mention that the government itself, the leaders at the top have become so involved with corruption. Who will sit in the chair next to the chief minister in the assembly, people are not available. The rest have understood that if you sit down, you will become Parth. So keeping distance. But what Dileep is saying is a dictatorial voice. I have the power, I will take it by force. Exactly what they do in Delhi. For example, the Trinamool politics in municipal, panchayat elections. But what action was taken against the leaders of Trinamool’s chit fund, Narada scandal! Why didn’t CBI-ED take any action!”

Before Dileep, Subvendu was also heard saying the same thing in August. His statement was, “Maharashtra has just happened. It will be followed by Jharkhand, Rajasthan. After that we will reach Bengal. There is no reason to worry. This government cannot be kept.” So the question arises whether there is a political plan behind this comment of the BJP leadership or not.

The article is in Bengali

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