“If women themselves are aware, violence can be reduced”

Mohterma Ashrafi Khanam, in charge of victim support center of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police commented that if women themselves are aware, the incidents of torture will also decrease.

He said, young people should be careful before entering into any relationship. Also, it is important to be aware of the use of technology and to know about some important laws.

He said these things at a discussion meeting on police services organized by youth volunteers at Rajshahi College on Thursday.

He said that it is now easy to get police services by going directly to the police station or online. Therefore, Mohterma Ashrafi Khanam urged to take the help of the police instead of letting the problem escalate.

In the meeting, the head of philosophy department of Rajshahi College, Professor Razia Sultana, Associate Professor Md. Shafiqul Alam and Assistant Professor of Philosophy Mohammad Rubaiyat-i Afroz along with two Inspectors of Boalia Police Station were present.

About 70 youth from Boalia and surrounding areas participated in this meeting. Recently, more than 500 young people from various educational institutions of Rajshahi have received training under the Lead Bangladesh project in collaboration with the British Council and CCD Bangladesh. They are working in collaboration with various organizations to implement Social Enterprise Program (SAP) on Sustainable Development Top-16.

SH-06/01/22 (Own Correspondent)

The article is in Bengali

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