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Almost everyone is familiar with photocopying. Although everyone says Xerox (xerox). Almost any work requires photocopying. Starting from schools, colleges, offices, courts, many ‘xerox centers’ have been built almost everywhere. And the number of these ‘Xerox Centers’ proves the need for photocopying. But this time, the price of this photocopy has increased a lot.

From Cooch Behar to Medinipur, the picture is the same almost everywhere in the state. Tapas Burman, the owner of a photocopying center in Cooch Behar, said that the price of paper and ink required for photocopying has increased tremendously. So we have also decided to increase the price of photocopying.

It is known that earlier the price of paper was 180-200 taka per packet, now the price has increased to 240-260 taka. At the same time, the price of ink also increased.

The cost of photocopying is currently fixed at 3 rupees per page, but if you photocopy only 1 copy, you will have to pay 5 rupees, regardless of whether the photocopying is done on both sides of the page or on one side. However, if there are more than 3 copies, then 3 rupees will be charged per copy, said Amit Sinha, the owner of a photocopying center in Dinhata. However, this decision was not taken alone, but all local photocopy center owners took this decision together, he said.

New rate chart

Responding to the increase in price, student Ashraful Alam said, “Sirs give notes in the college, we have to xerox them.” If the price increases so much, it will be very difficult for us.

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