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Recruitment of qualified teachers due to lobbying

Recruitment of qualified teachers due to lobbying
Recruitment of qualified teachers due to lobbying

Dhaka: Due to lobbying from various levels in public universities, it is often not possible to appoint qualified teachers. The Vice-Chancellors (VCs) of some universities told the Education Minister.

At that time, they said, due to the lack of appointment of good teachers, there is an obstacle in achieving quality education. They have given their opinion on making a uniform policy for the appointment of teachers to overcome this problem.

The VCs said these things while participating in a discussion meeting of the Standing Committee of the Bangladesh University Council on various recent issues on Saturday (September 3).

The exchange meeting was held with Education Minister Dipu Moni at the Council Building of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET).

Bangladesh University Council President and Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Under the chairmanship of Habibur Rahman, vice chancellors of various public universities participated in this meeting.

The meeting discussed about following uniform policy in the appointment of teachers. The Education Minister stressed on the recruitment as per the policy. In addition to this, the VC called for action to be taken against the irregularities and corruption in the recruitment of the universities.

According to the sources of the exchange meeting, the VCs discussed various financial issues in the meeting. VC, ProVC, Treasurer, Proctor get duty allowance of Tk. 1500. With that, the issues of audit objections came up again in the meeting.

The housing problem of teachers was also discussed at this time. According to sources, the house rent of those living in the periphery of the university is very high. And if the money for that rent is deducted from the salary, the teachers lose. They called to take this issue into consideration.

It was also discussed whether PWD (Ganapurna) or any such central body can be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the quality of various construction works in the universities and avoiding other pressures and complications including financial issues. At this time, the VC urged the professors to be given the status of senior secretary to increase the status of university teachers.

During the discussion on student admission, the education minister said that the number of seats cannot be increased unnecessarily. Because they cannot be accommodated. And the ‘entrance exam’ for admission was discussed and the VCs insisted on its implementation.

Although the details of the discussion were not known from the Ministry of Education, a notification said that in addition to all the problems faced by the vice-chancellors in the performance of their duties, various inconsistencies and inequalities in public universities were highlighted in the meeting. The Education Minister listened attentively to the problems and assured to solve the problems by discussing with the concerned authorities.

Bangladesh Time: 0129 hours, September 04, 2022

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