Harassment at Rajshahi Passport Office

Harassment at Rajshahi Passport Office
Harassment at Rajshahi Passport Office

At the passport office in Shalbagan Bazar of Rajshahi metropolis, a huge line of service-seekers was seen in front of the bio-enrollment processing room at around 9 am last Thursday. Many of whom are old and children. It can be seen that some of them are very sick and have come to apply for passports because they are going to seek treatment abroad. Constable Shamim of RMP was standing in front of the door of that room (103) on the ground floor. By breaking the line in the name of duty, he was tricking lobbyists inside with petitions. After a while Nannu and Jahangir, the Ansar members in charge of the passport office, also came and tricked the people of their choice into that room. Or he was carefully placing his chosen ones in the chairs just outside the line by the door of the room. Then he took the opportunity to insert it inside. When the people standing in the line said something about it, they ordered them to remain silent and stand in the line.

Seeing these irregularities, the service seeker Amirul Haque, who was standing in line with the child, started shouting in front of the room at one stage. He claims that everyone like him has been standing in line since 7:30 am. Police, Ansar and passport office people are breaking serials and entering the room to take pictures and fingerprints of people of choice or brokers. Even Anjib, who is responsible for taking fingerprints and photographs in that room, has been accused of being involved in such irregularities. Amirul, the victim, said that sometimes Anjib also used to come in front of the door and take people of choice or lobby who were outside into the room.

Others who are standing in the queue like Amirul claim that the service seekers are being harassed at the passport office. When applying, it is being returned as there are mistakes in the application form. In this way extreme mistreatment is being done with the service aspirants. But if there is a help desk in the office, the service users would not have to go back after being harassed. He could complete the application work sitting there. If you pay more than one to one and a half thousand taka per passport, the mentioned office is working fast. In other words, service users do not have to suffer any kind of harassment by paying extra money.

Meanwhile, several passport-aspirants including Amirul said that the suffering started at the passport office. From the table of Abdul Wadud. First, the application form was submitted to him. After that he rejected or canceled the application in various ways. But do not give any direction. Talking to him separately, he suggested correcting the same application form. For this he has to pay extra money.

Considering the situation, passport office employees Wadud, Anjib, Ansar members Nannu and Jahangir, policeman Shamim have become hostages of service aspirants coming to the departmental passport and visa office. This is how this departmental office has been running for years. No action is taken against the accused despite specific allegations.

About these irregularities and corruption of Rajshahi Divisional Passport Office, Deputy Director Kamal Uddin Khandkar said, ‘Many times officials of many government departments, RAB-Police and journalists come with their identities. It is not possible to keep them standing in line for a long time. So they have nothing to do but give them a chance first.’

When the irregularities and corruption of Ansar members Nannu and Jahangir, police constable Shamim and employees Wadud and Anjeeb were shown in his office, he called them and verbally reprimanded them.

The deputy director also said that someone transacts money with someone outside, which is outside the purview of the passport office. He, however, requested the passport-aspirants not to pay money to private persons except the government-fixed fee.

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