This time Myanmar warplanes shot

This time Myanmar warplanes shot
This time Myanmar warplanes shot

Bandarban: This time the Myanmar army fired on the border of Bangladesh. 2 shells fired from their warplanes have landed inside the border of Bangladesh.

It has been reported that the incident took place in the area between border pillars 40-41 under the jurisdiction of Reju Amtali BGB BOP of Ward No. 8 of Ghumdhum Union of Naikxyongchari Upazila of Bandarban.

On Saturday (September 3) at 9:30 in the morning, two shells fell on the Bangladesh border, the locals said. They said the patrolling of the Myanmar Army is continuing at the Tumbru border. 8-10 shells were fired from two fighter jets of the Myanmar Army at the border pillar area of ​​Reju Amtali. 30-35 rounds were fired from two fighting helicopters.

Apart from this, 4 rounds of heavy weapons were fired from between 34-35 border pillars of Tumbru BGB BOP of Ward No. 1. Two shells fired from Myanmar warplanes fell inside Bangladesh along border pillar 40.

Locals are terrified of Myanmar’s actions at the Tumbru border. Md. Jahangir Aziz, Chairman of Ghumdhum Union Parishad of Naikshyongchari, besides confirming this information, said that Myanmar army helicopters have been seen flying in Tumbru border area since morning. Bullets and ammunition are constantly being fired from warplanes and helicopters.

Bandarban Superintendent of Police Md. Tariqul Islam also confirmed this information. He said that the law and order forces are on alert at the border. Security has been beefed up.

Bangladesh Time: 1336 hours, September 3, 2022

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