Big change to be the best of Bengali! The lead actress of ‘Jagadhatri’ changed overnight

Banglahunt Desk: Overnight character change in Serial is not a new thing. Even in the most important or main roles, the audience has witnessed the change of hero and heroine. The same thing happened in ‘Jagaddhatri’ serial. overnight The main character actress changed in the story.

It has been a few months since ‘Jagadhatri’ serial started on Zee Bengal. This serial has been giving good TRP since the beginning. For the past few weeks, Jagaddhatri has been receiving the title of Bengali best. The audience is enjoying the action of Jas Sanyal, Jagaddhatri and Swayambhur’s marriage. Its results are seen in TRP.

It happened in the middle. Not to mention, the main character of the serial, Mehendi, suddenly changed. Jagaddhatri’s half-sister Mehndi is the serial’s villain. Sanchari Das used to act in this role till now. The audience was enraged by her performance as a villain. Sanchari’s performance was so successful.

But with all the focus on Jagaddhatri’s wedding for the past few days, Mehendi was not seen in the story. After that, it was seen in Friday’s episode, Mehendi has changed. Sanchari has been replaced by actress Riturai Acharya. Earlier he was seen in serials like Kaadi Khela, Gauri Elo.

Sanchari returned to the small screen after many days. Fans were happy to see the very popular actress back in the serial. He won the hearts of the audience in a very short time. But the audience was shocked that he was replaced so quickly. Why suddenly moved Sanchari? Although nothing is known clearly, it is heard that Sanchari withdrew from Jagaddhatri serial due to physical illness.

The audience got used to seeing Sanchari as Mehndi. Now suddenly many people cannot accept Riturai. However, Riturai has shown his acting skills in several previous serials. But time will tell if the character change at such an important time has any effect on the TRP of the serial.

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