Many young women are victims of the ‘Pompom’ group.

Many young women are victims of the ‘Pompom’ group.
Many young women are victims of the ‘Pompom’ group.

Dhaka: Mark Zuckerberg alias Abu Sayem, the founder of ‘Pompom Telegram Group’ who hacked Facebook and Instagram IDs and demanded money through blackmailing and taking secret photos and videos of numerous girls, has been arrested. Eight more of his accomplices were also arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police.

Members of Zuckerberg’s Pom Pom Group circle would force them to do offensive activities over video calls if they could not pay. And if they did not respond to the proposal, they would have made the personal information of the victimized young women viral to millions of subscribers of that group.

Based on the complaints of the victims, the police arrested the criminals and trapped them in a restaurant on Bailey Road in the capital.

Arrested along with the mastermind Mark-Sakarbagh alias Abu Sayem are – Shahriar Afsan Avro, Bogdadi Shakeel, DTR Shubo alias Moshiur Rahman, Md. Jaseem, Cactus aka Ketan Chakma, El Dorado aka Shahed, Turya aka Maruf and Mia Bhai aka Nazmul Samrat.

CID chief Additional IGP Muhammad Ali Mia gave this information in a press conference organized at CID headquarters in Malibagh in the capital on Monday (May 22).

He said, “We can see that the group is not only making money from victims by threatening to make offensive videos viral, but the gang is also making crores of rupees by selling those videos at home and abroad.” Many buyers from countries like Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, Canada, America and England have become members of the group by paying a subscription fee of 1 to 2 thousand rupees per month. They buy and store content that is offensive to young girls.

He also said that the gang is led by a young man named Mark-Zuckerberg. In the beginning it was not easy to identify this very clever mark. Mark’s real name is Abu Sayem. Bekar Sayem lives in Chittagong. According to NID he is 20 years old. He has done Diploma in Electrical from Shyamoli Polytechnic Institute, Chittagong. Information of crores of rupees transactions is available in his various accounts.

Meanwhile, the DMP’s Tejgaon Shilpanchal police station filed a case against Mark-Zuckerberg and his team under the Pornography and Digital Security Act for spreading intimate photos of a victim and his lover on the Pompom group.

The CID chief said that with the help of information technology, Mark alias Sayem was arrested in Lalkhan Bazar area of ​​Chittagong. According to the information provided by Mark, two of his close friends, Shahriar Afsan Avro, were arrested from the housing area of ​​Chittagong and Bogdadi Shakeel from Ukhia.

He said Mark alias Sayem’s mobile phone was searched and his ID was found to be logged in and it was confirmed that Abu Sayem is Mark Zuckerberg. By interrogating him, the real names and identities of the admins of all the channels and groups of Pompom Group are found. Admin’s job was to create new content for Mark. Once they used to make fake NID and hack target’s Facebook or Instagram ID to get new content.

Additional IGP Mohammad Ali Mia said that the ex-boyfriends of the victim girls are giving new content. In other words, the intimate moments of the lover that they have captured on camera, are given to Mark-Zuckerberg’s group for revenge. Mark put music on them with his admins, made a 30-40 second promo with pictures from Facebook ID and uploaded them to his groups. Those who want to watch the full version after watching the promo, have to buy premium services of 1 to 2 thousand rupees.

He said, it was possible to recover the real identity of the admins of various pages of Mark-Zuckerberg by interrogating Mark alias Saim, Avro and Shakeel and searching their devices. It can be seen that his most trusted and important associate is DTR Shubo aka Moshiur Rahman. Moshiur’s responsibility was to strategically save content from the group and capture videos of intimate moments of young women through various temptations. He works in a fishing company in Chittagong, Moshiur. After confirming his location, he was arrested from Karnaphuli area. His accomplice Jasim was also arrested.

The CID chief said that the interrogation of Sayem and Moshiur revealed that many of the administrators of these adult groups are staying in Dhaka. One of their restaurants in the Bailey Road area is the trap of Get Together. Stepping into the trap, important admins Cactus alias Ketan Chakma, El Dorado alias Shahed, Turya alias Maruf and Mia Bhai alias Nazmul Samrat were arrested one by one. CID has arrested a total of 19 people in this incident so far.

He said that the number of subscriptions to the groups and channels of Mark-Saarberg and his associates is about 400,000. And they contain 20 thousand offensive videos and about 30 thousand content. On the other hand, about 750 people from home and abroad have become members of their premium group by paying a fee of 1 to 2 thousand taka per month. We got their details. Working on them too. Anyone involved in the sale of adult content to young women will not be exempted.

The CID chief said that there is also a plan to investigate money laundering in this incident. Then, not only the owners of the Telegram cycle, but also their associates spread across the country and abroad can be brought under the law, he said.

Making everyone aware, he said, talking to the victims of this incident, we felt that they had made a mistake by recording a private moment on camera and exchanging it, similarly, they did not have anyone reliable to support them in the difficult time of danger, neither family nor others. relatives As a result, being minors, they could not take recourse to any law.

Bangladesh Time: 1523 hours, May 22, 2023

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