The title song of the movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is released

The title song of the movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is released
The title song of the movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is released

National Film Award winning director Mostafizur Rahman Manik’s new movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’. Mahiya Mahi and Adar Azad have teamed up in this movie. On October 7, the movie will be released in theaters across the country, including the capital’s Cine Complex.

The title song of the movie was released on Tiger Media’s YouTube channel on Thursday (September 22) evening. It is voiced by Belal Khan and Saira Reza. Written by Sudeep Kumar Deep, music arranged by JK Majlish.

Actor Adar Azad and actress Mahia Mahi have locked lips in the song ‘Jao Pakhi Bolo Tare, Se Sane Bhole Na More, Tar Bihne Aami Jayo Go More’. The audience is expressing their love after seeing the smooth chemistry of the two. The song is choreographed by Habibur Rahman. The song is shot in Bandarban, a hilly region.

The trailer of the movie was released on September 17. It shows that this movie is based on a love triangle. Where Adar, Mahi and Shipan Mitra played the lead roles.

In this movie produced under the banner of Cleopatra Films, apart from Adar-Mahi, actors Rashed Mamun Apu, Subrata, Mahmudul Islam Mithu (Barda Mithu), Masum Bashar, actress Rebecca, Milli Bashar, Lavanya etc. have acted in various roles. The executive producer of the movie is Tamalika Akram.

Asad Zaman wrote the story, dialogues and screenplay of the movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ based on Zahid Hasan Abhi’s ‘The Abhi Kathachitra’. Lyrics written by Sudeep Kumar Deep, A Meezan and Sanjeevan Chakraborty. Background music is by Eamon Saha. The music of the song is arranged by JK Majlish, Belal Khan and Rezwan Sheikh. Belal Khan, Konal, Ilyas Hossain, Saira Reza, Mohammad Jasiur Rahman Setu and Bindia Khan have sung the song.


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