3 Cosmic rocks fell into pieces, NASA heard

3 Cosmic rocks fell into pieces, NASA heard
3 Cosmic rocks fell into pieces, NASA heard

The name is Insight Lander. Which is sitting on the soil of the red planet. This lander sent by NASA does not go anywhere. Sitting in one place and trying to find out what is going on under the soil of Mars.

The vehicle has already recorded 1,300 earthquakes on Mars. It was the InSight lander that heard the sound of the asteroid hitting Mars.

Scientists say that this sound has been found for 1 year. Then an asteroid rushes towards Mars at high speed. enters the atmosphere of Mars. But it broke into 3 pieces before falling. Then it crashed into the Martian soil. 3 holes are also formed as a result.

The sound of the asteroid hitting like this is not supposed to be less. That sound was recorded by NASA’s InSight lander. Scientists say that in the Martian climate, that sound sounds a lot like the word ‘bloop’. But after this crash, the hole has become quite big. And the pictures he got showed the holes quite colorful.

The InSight lander recorded not just one asteroid impact, but 4 asteroid impacts. And the earthquake that occurred on Mars due to this impact was also recorded. However, its level was not very high.

The magnitude was 2, but the sound scientists received of the asteroid hitting the chest of Mars is a big plus. — Written with help from news agencies

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