Iran | Iran president Ebrahim Raisi cancels interview after US journalist Christiane Amanpour refuses to wear headscarf dgtl

Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi has given a new dimension to the hijab-debate in the country’s unrest over the dress code. He canceled a scheduled interview with American journalist Christine Amanpour for refusing to wear hijab.

American news media CNN-Representative Cristina was given time for an exclusive interview with Roisy on Thursday. Roisy is now in New York to attend the UN General Assembly. When Christina arrived at the appointed time, officials in the President’s office ‘advised’ her to wear a hijab (head covering). But the American female journalist directly denied it and said that there is no need to wear such clothes according to her religion and culture.

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After that, Christine and her assistants were kept seated for about 40 minutes. After that, Raisi’s office informed about canceling the interview. About this incident on Twitter, Christine wrote, ‘There was no interview. So we left. Protests are ongoing across Iran. People are dying. It was necessary to speak to the president.’ Along with that, he also posted a picture of waiting sitting in front of the empty chair designated for Roisi.

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After the death of young Mahsa Amini in police custody, detained for the ‘crime’ of not wearing hijab, ordinary people of Iran took to the streets in protest. The anger in different parts of the country, including the capital Tehran, is increasing one after the other. Government persecution has also started in response. So far, the death toll in clashes between anti-hijab protesters and the police has crossed 30. In this situation, the American media organized the interview to know the ‘position’ of the Iranian president’s hijab. But Raisi clarified that position without giving an interview.

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