Arpita’s statement in ED’s chargesheet, she wanted to tell the truth about her mother, but could not because of fear

Kolkata : The ED’s charge sheet clearly mentions what Parth did during the interrogation, along with various explosive claims. The ED claimed that most of the time Parth either did not answer the questions, or avoided the questions However, Arpita Mukherjee was seen in the opposite role He clearly stated everything in front of the interrogation Arpita told during interrogation that all the money recovered from her house belonged to Partha Chatterjee.

Last Monday, the central investigation agency Enforcement Directorate submitted a 152-page charge sheet to the court It is said there that Arpita gave an explosive statement about the recovered huge property He said he could not tell the truth for security reasons, he and his mother wanted to tell the truth After that, Arpita said that the huge amount of property recovered from the two flats actually belonged to Partha Chatterjee and not her. So only he (Parth) can say about this ED said, Arpita has repeatedly admitted her statement given on August 4

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Apart from this, two companies have been mentioned in the charge sheet Arpita was the Director of Chacha Entertainment and Sentry Engineering Private Limited It is said that huge amount of money was deposited in the accounts of these two companies Apart from this, the ED claimed in the charge sheet that immovable property was purchased in the name of these two companies Parth used to deposit huge amount of money in Arpita’s own bank account as well, claims It is also claimed that Arpita knowingly gave her flat in Club Town to deposit the money

The ED chargesheet has also made it clear that Partha Chatterjee is not cooperating with the investigation. He is saying he doesn’t know the answer to multiple questions, avoiding any answer Not only that, Arpita also did not want to sign Caesar’s list

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First published: September 21, 2022, 00:03 IST

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