Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab

Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab
Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab

A young woman named Mahsha Amini has died in police custody for allegedly violating the hijab law in Iran. Protests are being held in various cities of the country against this incident. In the protest, many women burned their hijabs and demanded the repeal of the hijab law.

According to BBC, last Tuesday (September 15) 22-year-old Mahsha Amini was arrested by the country’s morality police. Mahsha Amini died last Friday after being in a coma for three days. According to police, Mahsha Amini died of heart attack. However, eyewitnesses alleged that Mahsha Amini was tortured while being taken to the police van. Therefore he may have lost his life.

Demonstrations and protests are being held in various cities of the country for five consecutive days in protest of this incident. Last Monday, at least four people were killed and 15 injured in the firing by the law and order forces.

In various videos published on social media Twitter, many women are protesting by taking off their hijabs and setting them on fire.

His funeral was held last Saturday (September 17) morning in Kurdistan, Iran’s western province. After the funeral, some people left, while others started chanting slogans demanding a fair trial. Then they gathered in front of the governor’s office. There they also started raising slogans demanding fair trial. The security guards then dispersed them by firing tear gas.

Different people of Iran are reacting strongly on social media to demand fair trial of the killed young woman. The country’s judiciary has launched an investigation.

Hijab has been compulsory for women since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. This dress code is strictly enforced by the country’s moral police.

But for the past few years, there has been a strong reaction to the implementation of dress code rules by various people, especially young women, around the various activities of the moral police. In various videos published on social media, policemen often force women into police vehicles.

In 2017, dozens of women took off their hijabs in public to protest. Then the authorities took strict action against them.

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