Five people were killed in protests in Iran

Five people were killed in protests in Iran
Five people were killed in protests in Iran

A Kurdish human rights organization in Iran claimed that the police opened fire on Monday on civilians protesting the death of Masa Amini, a Kurdish girl who was killed in police custody. Five people were killed.

Human rights organization Hengo said on Twitter that two people were killed in the Kurdish town of Sakiz, two in Divandare and one in Dehgolan.

They claimed that five people were killed by direct firing of the police on the protestors.

However, the international media could not verify the truth of this claim. Because Iran has not officially said anything about this yet.

Moreover, Iran’s state media is claiming that some people have been injured in the protests.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old girl named Masa Amini died in police custody in Iran last week.

Masa Amini was arrested for not wearing hijab.

But later he fell ill and was taken to the hospital. He died there after three days in a coma.

It has been alleged that Masa Amini was tortured in police custody. He died of it.

There are protests in different parts of Iran, including Kurdistan, where Masa Amini was born.

Meanwhile, the Tehran police opened up about the matter on Monday. They said it was an unfortunate incident.

Source: Reuters

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