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All the scandals of King Charles III

All the scandals of King Charles III
All the scandals of King Charles III

He became the Prince of England at the age of three. Seven decades have passed since then. 73-year-old King Charles III has finally ended his wait for England’s longest-awaited ascension to the throne. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he became the King of England according to tradition.

Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son Charles has never been as popular as his mother. This is believed to put pressure on him as king.
He is believed to have repeatedly sparked controversy among members of the royal family. From having another affair while still married to Princess Diana to allegations of meddling in the presidential election – rumors about him are swirling in the air in England.

Breakup with Diana
The scandal surrounding King Charles III began decades ago with his ex-wife Princess Diana. Princess Diana has always been very popular. There were accusations against Charles, his cold relationship with Diana, his secret love affair with Camellia – in short, there was public dissatisfaction with the various scandals in Charles’ personal life.

The Black Spider Scam
From the health sector – Charles has been accused of personally manipulating and snubbing politicians on various controversial public issues.
In a now-infamous series of letters between him and government ministers known as the “Black Spider” memos because of his scrawled handwriting, Charles questioned them on a variety of subjects.

A few letters written by Charles in this regard came to light which are known as ‘Black Spider’.

The publication of those letters created a backlash against the then-future king. Questions arose as to whether Charles would be able to fulfill his role as King of Britain.

Because according to custom the King of England cannot vote. Can’t even stand for election. As the ruler, he had to remain strictly neutral in politics.

However, the King of England has to be present at the official opening of the parliamentary session, the approval of laws by the Parliament and the weekly meeting with the Prime Minister.
However, in a 2018 interview to mark his 70th birthday, Charles insisted he had never directly interfered in party politics.

Accepting cash for donations
This year, King Charles III was also accused of taking a suitcase containing one million euros from Qatar’s former prime minister.
The Sunday Times reports that the suitcase contained one of three cash donations totaling three million euros from former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim.

However, Clarence House, Charles’ royal residence in London, said the donation from the sheikh was immediately sent to one of Prince Charles’ charities. All proper procedures were followed in these transactions. The report also said that there was no evidence that the transaction was illegal.
The Sunday Times reported that Prince Charles personally received three cash donations from Qatar’s former prime minister between 2011 and 2015.

Accountants say cash taken for bona fide purposes is considered a legitimate donation. But according to the current royal gift policy, members of the royal family can never receive a ‘cash donation’, but rather a ‘cheque’ from a charity.

But Prince Charles took a suitcase full of cash euros from a foreign tycoon, which caused controversy. Source: AFP

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