Rahul in padayatra wearing ’41 thousand t-shirt’, sarcasm of BJP

Rahul in padayatra wearing ’41 thousand t-shirt’, sarcasm of BJP
Rahul in padayatra wearing ’41 thousand t-shirt’, sarcasm of BJP

Once again the politics of India is in a frenzy over the price of clothes. In 2015, in a meeting with then US President Barack Obama, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore a suit worth Rs 10 lakh, the Congress said. Taking a dig at the incident, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi repeatedly attacked the central government as a ‘suit-boot government’. Now BJP is replying to that Rahul. In ‘Bharat Joro Yatra’, the Congress leader is wearing a T-shirt worth 41 thousand rupees! Gerua Shibir has moved on such allegations.

Congress’ Bharat Joro Yatra has started from last Wednesday. Rahul started walking on it from Thursday. The former president of Congress will walk more than 3,500 kilometers in 150 days. On Friday morning, Rahul was seen walking with other passengers wearing a white comfortable T-shirt. All the controversy started with that T-shirt.

BJP claims that Rahul’s t-shirt is from the popular British luxury brand ‘Burberry’. The BJP’s official Twitter handle posted a picture of Rahul wearing a t-shirt on one side and a similar t-shirt on the other side.

The post claims that the price of the T-shirt is Rs 41,252 in Indian currency (about Rs 49,000 in Bangladeshi currency). Jago News could not independently verify this information of BJP.

However, Indian media daily Sanbad claims that it is not unusual for Rahul Gandhi to wear clothes costing Rs 41,000 for what he gets as a Member of Parliament.

And Rahul’s attraction to this Burberry brand is not new. Four years ago, he wore a jacket of the same brand at a concert in Meghalaya, which cost around Rs 68,000. At that time too, BJP mocked Rahul for wearing expensive clothes.

It was then claimed by the Congress that Rahul had received the jacket as a gift. However, this time no comment was made on behalf of the Congress on the price of T-shirts. On the contrary, they claimed that the BJP was afraid of the huge crowd in the padayatra and was creating such controversy.

From the official Twitter handle of the Congress, it was said to the BJP, “Bharat Joro Jatra, scared by the crowd?” Talk about issues. Talk about unemployment and inflation. And if you want to talk about clothes, then Modiji’s 1 million rupees suit and 1.5 lakh glasses can be discussed. Tell me what to do?

Incidentally, the then US President Barack Obama visited India as the chief guest on Republic Day in 2015. It was alleged that Prime Minister Modi wore an expensive suit worth Rs 10 lakh during the meeting with Obama.

In addition, there were allegations that the Indian Prime Minister wore 1.5 lakh rupees sunglasses made by a German company to watch the last annular solar eclipse of the decade in December 2019. However, at that time, BJP denied the allegation and said that the special glasses of Modi’s eyes cost only a few thousand rupees.

Source: Anandabazar Patrika, Sanbad Pratid

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