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King Charles King Charles says thank you to darling mama in his first address dgtl

Britain’s King Charles III has hailed his late mother Queen Elizabeth as an inspiration in his first national address since becoming king. “She (Elizabeth) was an inspiration and an example to me and my family,” Charles said on Friday, adding that he would dedicate his life to what his mother had done throughout her life.

King Charles noted how, on her 21st birthday in 1947, Elizabeth had said in a radio address from Cape Town that she would devote her life, short or long, to the service of the people.

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Charles is the King of Britain at the age of 73, it was officially announced on Saturday

73-year-old Charles became Prince of England in 1952. His title ‘Prince of Wales’ passed to his eldest son William. Within 24 hours of his mother’s death, Charles was ceremonially proclaimed king. He was crowned King in a ceremony at St James’s Palace in London. The event was attended by members of the Privy Council, government officials, Commonwealth High Commissioners and the Mayor of London.

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Balmoral’s touch changed ‘London Bridge’! ‘Operation Unicorn’ started after Rani’s death

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