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Akbar Ali Khan is always hungry for knowledge

Akbar Ali Khan is always hungry for knowledge
Akbar Ali Khan is always hungry for knowledge

Dr. Akbar Ali Khan worked with the Government of Pakistan. When the liberation war started, he left the side of Pakistan and joined the government in exile. He is a brave freedom fighter. Bangabandhu also worked directly with the government. As a government official, he always thought of the interests of the country. He had interest and erudition in various subjects. Which is very rare among most government officials.

Dr. personally. Akbar Ali Khan used what he learned from where he got it for the welfare of the people. It is a big part of his personal values. In his personal life, he treated his wife with great respect. He once told me that two things are very important to be a successful person. One, knowledge and two, happy family. I have been to his house many times. After leaving, many things came every time. His wife was a dedicated teacher at Sunbeams School. He also belonged to a very noble, good and enlightened family.

Dr. Khan loved his daughter very much. In the space of a few days, the loss of his wife and daughter made him very sad, but he did not break. As if he lived to do better things for the people of this country and to write.

Dr. Sada Gnanpipasu will be a shining example of how to live an honest life, speak with courage even in difficult times, stand for the rights of marginalized people and repay the responsibility of the state and society in various ways. Akbar Ali Khan. Respect to him.

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