The last symbol of the British colonial empire

The last symbol of the British colonial empire
The last symbol of the British colonial empire

As head of Britain, Elizabeth witnessed the incredible ups and downs of world politics. Because of his position, he was not allowed to play any role other than silently witnessing all this.

A few years before Elizabeth became queen, the socialist revolution in China led by Mao Tse Tung had taken place. Eastern European countries then belonged to the Soviet Union. Even in the western world, many people assumed that the future of the human race might be towards socialism. Many people are afraid of the question of whether the impact of socialism will be felt in Western Europe.

The left movement was also gaining strength in Western European countries. The Soviet Union was considered an invincible power. That invincible power crumbled like a house of cards during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Again, the western world including Britain and America assumed that the fall of the Russian Empire had taken place forever – the rise of that Russian Empire by the hands of Putin also happened during the reign of the Queen. It should be noted that historically the British Empire has a conflict with Russia. As a result, the rise of Russia made Britain uncomfortable again.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, all such incredible events took place in the world, which led political analysts to believe that there are no absolutes in politics. The Soviet Union was once thought to be an invincible state – it would never fall; Similarly, the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom is also considered to be permanent.

From this belief, the deposed King Farouk of Egypt said that only five kings will survive in the world – the four kings of cards and the king of Britain. Whether there is a need for a systematic monarchy in Britain, whether spending so much money on the royal family is a waste of public money – these questions have repeatedly come up during the Queen’s lifetime. Today’s British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, was also vocal in her student days in favor of ending the monarchy forever.

Although the capitalist class is in power after overthrowing the feudal system, they have been running the country with extensive compromise or respect for the feudal customs, principles, cultural traditions. As a result, the British people are still subjects rather than citizens. In the same way, the expansion of the colonies that happened at the hands of the capitalist class, symbolically led by the king or queen of the feudal system.

Queen Elizabeth II, heir to feudal Britain, was also the symbolic leader of capitalist Britain. The question arises whether Britain itself will survive in the coming days as a nation that lost almost all its colonies during its time. But whatever the future of Britain as a nation or of the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II will remain the longest-serving British monarch in history.

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