US President Biden ‘enemy of the state’: Trump

US President Biden ‘enemy of the state’: Trump
US President Biden ‘enemy of the state’: Trump

Former US President Donald Trump called US President Joe Biden an ‘enemy of the state’.

Yesterday, Saturday (September 3), Trump said this by attacking Biden at a rally in Pennsylvania, USA.

Last Thursday night, Joe Biden said that Donald Trump and his radical supporters are a threat to American democracy in a speech given at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, USA.

Biden said Trump and Republicans who support his May America Great Again (MAGA) ideology represent an extremism that threatens the foundations of the American republic.

He also said that he is not condemning all those who voted for Trump in the US presidential election two years ago. Not all Republicans, even the majority of Republicans, are Republicans.

Regarding that speech, Trump said, as an American president, Biden gave the most disgusting, hateful and divisive speech in Philadelphia. He is an enemy of the state.

Trump also said that the Republicans are not trying to weaken US democracy through the MAGA movement. Rather, they are trying to save democracy. The danger to democracy comes from the extreme left, not the right.

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