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Floods in Pakistan are the extreme warning message of climate change

Floods in Pakistan are the extreme warning message of climate change
Floods in Pakistan are the extreme warning message of climate change

About 33 of these pose the highest risk, spewing millions of cubic meters of water and debris, threatening the livelihoods of up to 7 million people.

The Government of Pakistan and the United Nations are trying to reduce the risk of these flash floods by establishing early warning systems and protective infrastructure.

Poor countries are less able to cope with extreme rainfall due to poor flood defenses and poor housing in the past.

But climate scientist Fahad Saeed told the BBC that even a rich country could be submerged in catastrophic floods this summer.

“This is a different kind of disaster…the flood levels are so high and the rain is so extreme that even the strongest defenses have to deal with it.”

Expert Fahad Saeed talks about floods in Germany and Belgium as examples. The 2021 floods claimed dozens of lives in both countries.

Pakistan received 390.7 millimeters of rain from June to August, which is 190 percent more than the average rainfall for this season in the last three decades.

Fahad Saeed said that the Pakistan Meteorological Department has done a responsible job in providing early warning about floods. The country has some infrastructure to deal with floods, but they need to be improved.

People with the lowest carbon emissions are the most affected by climate change, said the scientist.

“The victims are living in mud houses with little resources. They have virtually no contribution to climate change.”

The article is in Bengali

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