Iran released 2 US drones after seizing them

Iran released 2 US drones after seizing them
Iran released 2 US drones after seizing them

Iran’s Navy released two US drones after seizing them in the Red Sea. Iran’s state television reported that they were seized for violating maritime security. This is the second such incident this week. Timothy Hawkins, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Middle East-based Fifth Fleet, acknowledged the matter in an interview with the Associated Press on Friday. However, he refused to give any details.
Tehran claims that these drones threaten Iran’s maritime security. As a result, they were seized by members of the country’s navy in the Red Sea. However, they were released after a few hours. Iran’s routine patrols in the Red Sea encountered multiple US ‘spy drones’, according to Iranian state television, citing the navy.
US authorities operating maritime drones from Iranian destroyers were urged to change the course of their drones to avoid accidents. After receiving no response from them, Tehran intercepted two sea drones. After that, the two drones were released in a safe area to keep the sea route safe. After the incident, Iranian destroyers called on the US authorities to pay more attention to maritime security.

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