Taliban celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ in Afghanistan

Taliban celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ in Afghanistan
Taliban celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ in Afghanistan

Exactly one year ago yesterday, Wednesday (August 31), US troops left Kabul. Following this, the Taliban celebrated its first anniversary on Wednesday.

The Taliban said they would mark the first anniversary of the withdrawal of US troops and their seizure of power as ‘Freedom Day’. They celebrated the Independence Day all day on Wednesday. The military vehicles they captured from US and foreign forces were on display. Along with that, they demanded that it has been a year, now recognize the international community.

However, foreign media were not allowed access to their celebrations and parades.

‘Freedom Day’

Taliban government spokesman on Wednesday morning wished Afghans ‘Freedom Day’. The government said in a statement, “One year has been completed since the liberation of the country from the US occupation. Many Mujahideen have given their lives to liberate this occupation, many children have become orphans, many women have become widows.

Television footage showed Taliban fighters marching and helicopters flying overhead. Part of the festivities were military vehicles captured from the US-led forces. Those vehicles also took part in the parade.

The festival, however, begins on Tuesday night. The night sky is filled with lights. Banners were placed on government buildings in Afghanistan. There are mentions of victories against America, Soviet Union and Britain.

International recognition

The Taliban’s main demand on the anniversary of the departure of US forces from Kabul was that they should be given international recognition. In a statement on behalf of the Taliban, the experience of the last 20 years is that the people of Afghanistan cannot be suppressed by fear. Foreign pressure has failed. The statement said that the Taliban government is the just government of the country, they represent the brave people of Afghanistan. Their appeal to the international world is to recognize this government.

But most of the countries of the world did not recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan citing the issue of human rights and women’s rights.

On August 31, 2021, US troops left Kabul. In the two decades before that, about 66,000 Afghan soldiers, 48,000 civilians and 24,000 US troops died.

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